Deal With Rainwater and Runoff

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Every great project starts with a blank slate. Andrews Lawn Care & Firewood can give you that blank slate by clearing any patch of land you need cleared. Our excavation services can help you get your new build started. We can also help you keep your lawn from flooding.

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Level out land by hiring a grading contractor

Level out land by hiring a grading contractor

You can't pave rocky, rough terrain. You're going to need some help. A grading contractor smooths over uneven land so you can build something that lasts. Is your lawn set up in a way that makes water flow right toward your house? We can fix that, too. We'll alter your landscaping in a way that diverts water away from your house.

One way we deal with runoff is by planting rain gardens. We fill a small depression in your yard with various plants. These plants soak up and hold rainwater that comes off of your roof, keeping the water from wreaking havoc elsewhere.

If you don't have proper drainage systems in place, you could end up dealing with a lot of water damage. When rainwater flows back to your house, it causes wood rot, mold and deterioration. Spare yourself a lot of trouble by getting proper grading to deal with runoff.

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